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Julian, CC & O'Cass, A 2000, 'The critical elements for successful international joint venture (IJV) marketing performance in Thailand', in A O'Cass (ed.), Visionary marketing for the 21st Century: facing the challenge: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference, Gold Coast, Qld., 28 November - 1 December, Griffith University Press, Gold Coast, Qld., pp. 605-608. ISBN: 0868579785


This research provides empirical evidence on at least three principal issues: firstly, the salient factors influencing the marketing performance of International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in Thailand; secondly, which factors are relatively more important than the others; and finally, the importance of marketing orientation to the overall marketing performance of IJVs. The primary data for this study were collected from a mail questionnaire survey of 1,047 Thai-Foreign IJVs in Thailand. From the application of the exploratory factor analysis and the discriminant analysis the factors being able to disciminate significantly between high and low marketing performance were identified as being conflict, commitment, marketing orientation, and organisational control. The factors were found to be statistically reliable implying that the factor structures identified in this study are strong and they are applicable to a cross section of industries.