Indigenous tourism: the possibilities into the future

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Buultjens, J & White, NE 2008, 'Indigenous tourism: the possibilities into the future', Proceedings Desert Knowledge Symposium 2008 - Developing Desert Directions: Rethinking the Future, Alice Springs, NT, 3-6 November, Desert Knowledge CRC.

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Indigenous Australians in remote Australia. In the next sections Indigenous tourism and the supply and demand of Indigenous tourism are examined. The background to the DKCRC is described in the following section, and a model that illustrates the linkages between the DKCRC, the academic community, government and industry is suggested. A discussion of the potential for the DKCRC to improve the performance of the Indigenous tourism sector follows and a 10-step model is proposed that could be utilised by the DKCRC to develop Indigenous tourism in remote regions. This is then followed by a discussion of the potential for the DKCRC to meet the recent recommendations for changes to the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program.