Pattern based object segmentation using split and merge

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Conference publication

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Karim, Z, Paiker, NR, Ali, MA, Sorwar, G & Islam MM 2009, 'Pattern based object segmentation using split and merge', Proceedings of Fuzzy Systems, FUZZ-IEEE2009 Conference, Jeju Island, Korea, 20-24 August, IEEE, pp. 2166-2169.

The publisher's version of this paper is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.110/FUZZY.2009.5277064


Split and Merge (SM) algorithm is a well recognized algorithm for segmenting homogeneous regions in an image. Though SM algorithm is simple and easy, this algorithm is unable to segment all type objects in an image successfully due to huge variations among the objects in size, shape, color and intensity. Moreover, the SM algorithm is also highly dependent on threshold values used for split and merge stages. Addressing these issues, a new algorithm namely pattern based object segmentation using split and merge (PSM) considering the basic SM algorithm, the region stability, and the patterns for object extraction. The experimental results prove the superior segmentation performance of the PSM algorithm in comparison with the basic SM algorithm, suppressed fuzzy c-means (SFCM), and object based image segmentation using fuzzy clustering (FISG)