Object segmentation using block based patterns

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Hasan, MM, Ali, MA, Kabir, MH & Sorwar, G 2009, 'Object segmentation using block based patterns', Proceedings of Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development: TENCON 2009, Singapore, 23-26 November, IEEE.

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Segmenting homogeneous regions or objects in an image are very much demanding but challenging. Pattern based object segmentation using split and merge (PSM) was proposed to overcome the problems of basic split and merge (SM) algorithm, which is unable to segment properly all types of objects in an image due to huge variations among the objects in size, shape, intensity and orientation. Though the PSM algorithm has better performance than some other image segmentation algorithms, it is completely unable to segment the connected regions in an image and also has higher rate of shape distortion. Addressing these issues, a new algorithm namely object segmentation using block based patterns (OSP) is proposed in this paper considering multi stage merging technique. Experimental results show that the OSP algorithm is not only capable of segmenting connected regions in an image but also yield quite low shape distortion of the regions.