Literature on image segmentation based on split - and - merge techniques

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Conference publication

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Faruquzzaman, ABM, Paiker, NR, Arafat, J, Ali, MA & Sorwar, G 2008, 'Literature on image segmentation based on split - and -merge techniques', Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications, ICITA 2008, Cairns, Qld., 23-26 June, ICITA, pp. 120-125.


Image segmentation is a feverish issue due to drastically increasing the use of computer and the Internet. Various algorithms have been invented on this aspect. Among them, split-and-merge (SM) algorithm is highly lucrative now-a-days due to its simplicity and effectiveness in the sector of image processing. Numerous researchers have performed their research work on this algorithm to triumph over its drawbacks for its sustainable and competent implementation. This paper has consolidated the useful consideration and proposal of various researchers to formulate a strong base of knowledge for the future researcher. It has also tinted few unsettled drawbacks of SM algorithm which will open the casement of brainstorming as well as persuade them for future research on SM algorithm, thereby allow SM algorithm to attain a globally optimal algorithm for image segmentation.