Attraction and image for the Australian rail industry

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Wallace, M, Sheldon, N, Lungs, I & Cameron, R 2010, 'Attraction and image for the Australian rail industry', paper presented to Management research in a changing climate: British Academy of Management Conference, Sheffield, UK, 14-16 September.


Despite the global financial downturn, the Australian rail industry is in a period of expansion. Reports indicate that the industry is not attracting sufficient entry level and mid-career engineers and skilled technicians from within the Australian labour market and is facing widespread retirements from an ageing workforce. This paper reports on a completed qualitative study that explores perceptions of rail and rail careers held by engineering students, their lecturers, careers advisors and recruitment consultants. Findings are presented about career knowledge, job characteristic preferences, branding and image. Conclusions include suggestions for more effective attraction and image strategies for the industry and for further research.