Research-led teaching in accounting education

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Book chapter

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Morton, A 2011, 'Research-led teaching in accounting education', in A Jokipii & J Miettinen (eds), Contributions to accounting, auditing and internal control: essays in honour of professor Teija Laitinen, Acta Wasaensia; 234, University of Vaasa, Vassa, pp. 119-129. ISBN: 78-952-476-333-2

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This paper calls for a scholarly approach to accounting education to widen each graduate’s perspectives beyond current practice. The meaning of scholarship in teaching is briefly discussed and there is a focus on discipline based research in the accounting curriculum. The paper argues that true scholarship in accounting education cannot be achieved unless all students of accounting are exposed to the multiple paradigms that currently make up the totality of intellectual thinking in financial accounting. Further, indoctrination of students into “accounting think” must be avoided. Curriculum content related to accounting theory topics is likely to be highly selective across business schools. This paper draws on the literature related to the scholarship of teaching and educational psychology, to argue for an inclusive and transparent approach to the teaching of accounting epistemology.