Global mobility skills: an essential for effective communications on a global stage

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Cameron, R 2008, 'Global mobility skills: an essential for effective communications on a global stage', paper presented to the 13th Asian-Pacific Decision Sciences Conference, Brisbane, Qld., 2-5 July.


The concept of global mobility has always been an implicit notion within international human resource management (IHRM) and in particular expatriate placement however it is also now becoming more common place in the general career landscape and in particular the field of professional recruitment. This paper addresses the increasing importance of global mobility skills and the role these skills play in effective communications and decision making. Globalisation, the spread of multinational corporations and the increasing number of Australian based medium and small enterprises throughout the Asia Pacific region have boosted a trend within organisations for global skill bases. This will mean that for many recently graduated business professionals a placement in an overseas office is fast becoming an expectation and an element of professional career progress. Professional skills, knowledge and attitudes in the areas of global competencies, diversity management, cross cultural communication skills, employability skills and graduate attributes will be explored. This paper represents the first phase in exploratory research that will focus on global mobility skills as a professional skill requirement and career development essential for business graduates. The research integrates the discipline fields of professional management education, international human resource management (IHRM) and career development.