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Post-print of: Cameron, R & Miller, P 2008, 'A transitional model to assist those experiencing labour market disadvantage’, paper presented to 17th annual Australian Association of Career Counsellors (AACC) Conference, Hobart, Tas., 26-28 March.


This research investigates those disadvantaged in the labour market who need to navigate learning and career transitions. The research utilises a sequential mixed model design which consists of two phases. Phase one of the research involved a Learning Survey of approximately 250 labour market program (LMP) participants in which quantitative data analysis techniques were used. Phase two involved the development of the model and its testing in the field. A formative evaluation of the model in the field was undertaken and utilised a combination of both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. The field test was undertaken with a LMP for women over 45 years of age wishing to re-enter the workforce. The research resulted in the development of a conceptual framework that consists of a continuum of models of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), a hierarchy of recognition and a model to assist those in career and learning transitions.

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