Genetic diversity of Kensington Mango in Australia

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Bally, ISE, Graham, GC & Henry, RJ 1996, 'Genetic diversity of Kensington Mango in Australia', Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, vol. 36, no. , pp. 243-247.

The original publication is available at www.publish.csiro.au at http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/EA9960243


The genetic diversity of Kensington mangoes (Mangifera indica L.) was investigated using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis. DNA was extracted from leaves of 27 'Kensington Pride', 2 'R2E2' and 1 seedling. RAPD analysis with 10 oligonucleotide primers allowed the scoring of 107 markers. The R2E2 trees (20% dissimilarity) and the seedling (10% dissimilarity) were distinct from the Kensington Pride. However, there was very little evidence of significant genetic variation within Kensington Pride selections. Fifteen of the selections were identical in all 107 markers. Only 2 selections, WEAN2 and ML2N1, differed by more than 5%. These plants provide the best options for use in genetic improvement of the Kensington Pride mango. Many of the differences found in Kensington mango orchards may be due to environmental factors not genetic variations.

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