Collaborative opportunities in research on Australian wild rice

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Henry, RJ 2008, ‘Collaborative opportunities in research on Australian wild rice’, paper presented to 1st Australian Wild Rice Symposium: Australia, a major centre of diversity for rice, Lismore, NSW, 17 July.


Australian wild rices are of great significance as genetic resources to support global food security. Australian wild rice relatives remain relatively poorly collected and known. A collaborative approach to collection of material and establishment of seed collections, DNA collections and data would be useful. An Australian Wild Rice Network could coordinate this activity and combine to attract support for research in this area. Publication of reports on meetings and reviews of research projects in international journals could be promoted. Australia is well placed to host an international meeting on rice genetic resources that could be progressed by an Australian wild rice research network. A collation of details on the many Australian and international research projects on Australian wild rices would also be useful.