Genomics and proteomics: applications in cereal chemistry

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Henry, RJ 2008, ‘Genomics and proteomics: applications in cereal chemistry’, paper presented to AACC International 2008 Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, 21-24 September.


The change from the application of genetics and biochemistry to genomics and proteomics has been facilitated by developments in both chemical analysis tools and computing technology. Developments on both fronts have been very rapid in the last few years. The range of practical applications in cereal chemistry is continuing to expand. Examples to be discussed include testing for cereal variety identity and purity, analysis of protein and prediction of starch properties and end use quality. Grain quality in new varieties can be improved to new levels by combining the very best alleles at each key quality locus. These can be selected early in plant improvement programs allowing better quality varieties to be released to the market more rapidly. Complex combinations of quality traits that each previously required large samples and specialized equipment can now be screened at the DNA level using a common and automated platform. These advantages suggest that these technologies should also find application beyond breeding in cereal production and processing.