Applications of the sequenom platform to SNP analysis in plants

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Henry, RJ 2008, ‘Applications of the sequenom platform to SNP Analysis in plants’, paper presented to International Plant and Animal Genome XVI Conference, Sequenome Workshop - Keynote Speaker, San Diego, USA, 12-16 January.


The Sequenom platform has been used successfully in a wide range of plant genotyping applications. Modern sequencing technology such as the 454 platform has identified large numbers of SNP for analysis in plant populations using the Sequenom system. The well characterised rice genome is delivering a growing number of SNP for important traits for use in plant improvement. Multiplexed assays for key SNP in rice have been developed for use in marker assisted selection in plant breeding. The analysis of SNP in genes in the highly polyploidy sugarcane genome has allowed the mapping of single dose markers. A barley genotyping protocol has been produced to allow both varietal identity and purity to be assessed in seed production and grain marketing. The platform provides low cost per sample and per SNP and is especially suited to analysis of mixed samples, heterozygotes and polyploids.

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