Grapevine genomic access

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Ablett, EM, Lee, LS & Henry, RJ 2002, 'Grapevine genomic access', paper presented to the Plant, Animal and Microbe Genomes X Conference, San Diego, California, USA, 12-16 January.


Sequencing of grapevine ESTs from fourteen cDNA libraries covering a wide range of tissues has characterised more than 18,000 distinct genes from two projects undertaken by Southern Cross University. The first project produced almost 5,000 sequences which revealed 2,330 distinct gene matches. These ESTs were derived from Chardonnay berry and leaf libraries. The list of genes is being made available via the World Wide Web and includes transcripts relating to proteins involved in the whole range of functional categories. The second, much larger project, revealed 17,588 distinct ESTs from 40,000 sequences covering 12 cDNA libraries including vegetative material of Thompson Seedless; roots, callus tissue, flowers and three berry developmental stages of Shiraz; roots and leaves of disease resistant rootstock varieties; a mixture of in-vitro plantlets; and buds from various stages during bud-burst. The Web-based catalogue of the gene functions revealed from the first project is described and the method of access to selected gene sequences is explained.