Approaches to the analysis of microsatellites in sugarcane

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Henry, RJ, Maguire, TL & Cordeiro, GM 1998, 'Approaches to the analysis of microsatellites in sugarcane', paper presented to the Plant and Animal Genome VI Conference, San Diego, California, USA, 18-22 January.


Microsatellites are very useful genetic markers for genetic mapping, linkage analysis and studies of genetic diversity. These markers have been applied successfully in many species. We are initiating a program to develop microsatellite markers for sugarcane by international collaboration. An enriched microsatellite library from sugarcane will be distributed to participating laboratories. Sequence data collation and primer design will be conducted centrally with each participant being responsible for their own sequencing and primer synthesis. Primers will also be distributed to all participants. Specific groups may collaborate in mapping, analysis of genetic diversity or linkage analysis.