Sorghum resolved as a distinct genus based on combined ITS1, ndhF and Adh1 analyses

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Dillon, SL, Lawrence, PK, Henry, RJ & Price, HJ 2007, 'Sorghum resolved as a distinct genus based on combined ITS1, ndhF and Adh1 analyses', Plant Systematics and Evolution , vol. 268, no. 1-4, pp. 29-43.

Published version available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00606-007-0571-9

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Recent studies on Sorghum have attempted to determine the genetic relationships between the 17 Australian native Sorghum species and the cultivated species, with several studies contradictory in their findings. To resolve these issues within Sorghum, a detailed investigation of the phylogenetic relationships was made. The alcohol dehydrogenase 1 gene (Adh1) from 25 Sorghum species and Cleistachne sorghoides was sequenced. Independent analyses of the Adh1 data, and combined analyses of the Adh1, ITS1 and ndhF data were carried out. All Sorghum species were resolved to a distinct clade with 100% support. Within Sorghum, the Eu- sorghum species were resolved to a strongly supported lineage that included the Australian native species S. macrospermum and S. laxiflorum. All other Australian species were resolved to a second strongly supported lineage. Sorghum laxiflorum and S. macrospermum have again been identified as the Australian species most closely related to cultivated Sorghum. Analysis based on three genes has shown that the 25 Sorghum species form a distinct monophyletic group, and that there is little evidence to support the recent taxonomic revision of these species into three separate genera.

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