Eremophilone and eremophilone derivatives for pest control. WO2004021784 BioProspect Ltd, patent

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Eaton, G, Leach, DN, Spooner-Hart, RN & Basta, AH 2002, patent, Eremophilone and eremophilone derivatives for pest control, WO2004021784 BioProspect Ltd.


This invention relates generally to methods and compositions for controlling pests. More particularly, the invention relates to pest-controlling compositions, comprising as active ingredients, compounds of formula (I) where X, Y, R1, R2 and R3 are defined herein, and to the use of these compositions inter alia for preventing, eradicating, destroying, repelling or mitigating pests. The present invention also relates to processes of preparing compounds of formula (I) by synthesis or obtaining compounds of formula (I) from natural sources such as volatile oil-bearing plants of the Myoporaceae family.

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