Improved method for the rapid determination of terpenoid aldehydes in cotton

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Benson, CG, Wyllie, SG, Leach, DN, Mares, CL & Fitt, GP 2001, 'Improved method for the rapid determination of terpenoid aldehydes in cotton', Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 49, no. 5, pp. 2181-2184.

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A simple, rapid method for the extraction of cotton terpenoid aldehydes from green tissues and seed is described. Samples were treated by ultrasonification with acidified acetonitrile/water followed by centrifugation. The resulting extract was injected directly onto a C18 HPLC column and no sample concentration or further cleanup steps were required. The level of gossypol, the most labile of the target analytes, decreased by only 2% after 12 h of storage at room temperature, thus enabling automated analysis of individual terpenoid aldehydes by HPLC. The method gives excellent reproducibility and enables large numbers of samples to be screened quickly and accurately.

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