Flavonoids of Tephrosia Procumbens

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Ganapaty, S, Thomas, PS, Sudheer, P, Ramana, KV & Waterman, PG 2003, 'Flavonoids of Tephrosia Procumbens', Journal of Natural Remedies, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 101-103.

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Objective : The genus Tephrosia is a rich source for unusual flavonoids. The present work is aimed to isolate new molecules of biological interest. Materials and methods : The root powder of T. procumbens was extracted with chloroform and concentrated. The residue was subjected to column chromatography and fractional crystallization by organic solvents and their mixtures of increasing polarity which afforded crystalline compounds and were identified by spectroscopic methods. Results and conclusions : Among the isolates, two candidates calopogonium isoflavone B and 2', 7' 8-trimethoxy-4' , 5' -methylenedioxy isoflavone are reported for the first time from this species.

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