(Z)-β- Ocimene from two species of Homoranthus (Myrtaceae)

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Brophy, JJ, Goldsack, RJ, Cromwell, CP, Leach, DN, Wyllie, SG, Forster, PI & Fookes, CJR 1998, '(Z)-β- Ocimene from two species of Homoranthus (Myrtaceae)', Journal of Essential Oil Research, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 229-233.

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(Z)-β-ocimene has been found to occur in amounts of 85% in foliage of Homoranthus montanus Craven and S. R. Jones and 69-71% in H. flavescens Cunn. ex. Schauer. (E)-β-ocimene also occurred in amounts of 5-9% and 2-5% respectively. The oil yield in both cases was 0.3-0.5% based on fresh leaves.