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Foodworks Store Ballina


Jerome K. Vanclay, School of Environmental Science and Management, Southern Cross University, PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480, Australia.


Carbon label · Ecological footprint · E missions reduction · Green consumers · Consumer environmental purchasing behaviour


These data were collected as part of a class exercise in FOR00110 Natural Resource Policy to examine community response to carbon labelling.The data were collected in a grocery store in East Ballina, a seaside suburb in northern New South Wales (Australia) with a demographic similar to the median for Australia. Data from an automated till was collected, enabling monitoring of weekly sales data before and after applying carbon labels to selected products. Hence, the primary data are point-of-sale volume data.

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Thirty-seven products were labelled to indicate embodied carbon emissions, and sales were recorded over a 3-month period. Green (below average), yellow (near average), and black (above average) footprints indicated carbon emissions embodied in groceries.

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Data Sources

Sales of 37 items during 12 weeks of the study. The typical item is a grocery item weighing about 1 kg.

Data Processing

Only one file; every row and column in the spreadsheet is labelled. Data arranged with columns representing weeks, and rows representing items – all clearly labelled. Raw data as a .csv is provided as well as .xls

CarbonLabel_share.xls (178 kB)
Ballina Carbon Labels Data Analysis


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