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Hill, Barry


SCU Sustainability Fund 2012/2013

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School of Arts and Social Sciences

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Southern Cross University


Barry Hill, Southern Cross University, PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480, Australia.

Ed Montano, RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia.


Pulse width modulation, MPPT tracking, Pure, Sine wave, Kilowatt hours, Amp hours, Volts, kva, vdc, electrical engineering


The data collection has two purposes... one to create data for a statistical examination of the efficiency and compatibility of Battery PV generators as measured against the off grid AC power requirements of outdoor festivals and events.

The other purpose is to create a database to be used as the foundation controller inputs in a sonification based multimedia creative project that displays specific coherent digital data sets in a multimedia artspace.

A set of Electrical Power Generation (Solar PV and connected Lithium (LiPo)battery Storage)) and Electrical Supply Performance Data gathered during Installation of Solar Sunflower Prototype Mobile (offgrid/UPS) Solar generator at Island Vibes Music Festival , Point Lookout Stradbroke Island 2016.

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All data collected by Barry Hill via remote automated computer monitoring of electrical equipment. Please see Excel data readme file for more details.

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License

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090608 Renewable Power and Energy Systems Engineering 080305 Multimedia Programming 080309 Software Engineering 120302, Design Innovation, 1904 Performing Arts

island vibe 2016 raw data.csv (1528 kB)
Island vibe 2016 raw data
Amended - Read me Sunflower Data Tables.docx (24 kB)
Amended readme file
Read me Sunflower Data Tables.docx (16 kB)
Readme Sunflower data tables
Sunflower glossary of terms.docx (14 kB)
Sunflower glossary of terms


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