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Jones, Graham


Australian Research Council Discovery Project Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Fund

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DP/150101649, LE/150100048

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School of Environment Science and Engineering

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Southern Cross University


Hilton Swan

Graham Jones


atmospheric dimethylsulfide; Great Barrier Reef; aerosol


The data provided here consists of surface level atmospheric DMS measurements collected at Heron Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef (23.44°S, 151.91°E) in January-February 2018. This data has resulted from a series of campaigns conducted on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) to examine the significance of the GBR as a source of new aerosol particles. Accompanying the atmospheric DMS data set are one minute averaged particle number concentrations for the size range fractions 0.5 - 2.5 micron and >2.5 micron collected using a Dylos DC1700 air quality monitor. Surface level solar irradiance (300 -1100 nm) is also provided with the data collected in Jan-Feb 2018 at Heron Island.

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Hilton B Swan collected the atmospheric DMS data using a gas chromatograph fitted with a sulfur-specific pulsed flame photometric detector (GC-PFPD). An auto-sampler was used with the GC-PFPD to provide continuous sampling with a 20 min cycle time. For a complete description of the methodology used refer to HB Swan et al., (2015) Analytical Methods, doi 10.1039/c5ay00269a


Heron Island (23.44°S, 151.91°E) southern Great Barrier Reef

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