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Meir, Rudi

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School of Health and Human Sciences

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Southern Cross University


Dr Rudi Meir, Southern Cross University, PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480, Australia.


team, tribalism, tribe, team brand value, team identity, individual and group identity, Australian professional rugby football, English professional rugby football pride, loyalty, support, supporter, identity, identify, identification, community, commitment, sport merchandise, logo, belonging, bond, singing, chanting, team song, team merchandise, team/club history, socialising, attachment, history, traditional, family, symbolic, stories, storytelling


This data was collected using an online survey instrument, which was promoted to members of an English Rugby Premiership club via the club’s web site. Participants were invited to follow a link embedded into an online story promoted on the web site. This data set represents those responses submitted by participants identifying as fans of the participating club.

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Data was collected using SurveyMonkey. Fans were invited by the club to participate in the study; a link was embedded into the online story that took participants to an external web site hosting the survey.


United Kingdom

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Data entered into a single Excel spreadsheet and organised by columns (122) and rows (314). The items (questions) are organised as identified in the Excel spreadsheet – each column represents a descrete question and the rows the individual responses to these questions. The question needs to be linked to each set of responses for that question. The responses should be linked to the appropriate gender, age, income level and years a supporter to have meaning.

Data Processing

SPSS and AMOS were used to conduct all analysis as identified in the thesis. The primary method of analysis was structural equation modelling (SEM)

CODED version of survey Feb 2008.pdf (457 kB)
Survey questions
Interpreting the data.txt (3 kB)
Explanation of data organisation
Responses from fans statistical analysis 080508.csv (84 kB)
Responses from fans statistical analysis


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