Access denied: the crisis of [re]presentation in arts-based research

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Cutcher, A 2013, 'Access denied: the crisis of [re]presentation in arts-based research', paper presented to the American Educational Research Association 2013 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, 18 April - 1 May.


The crisis of representation with respect to arts based research doctoral work is an issue that is not going away despite the suitability of the digital environment for its reception. This has ramifications for the artistic freedoms of the research and its expressions, thereby causing a poverty of opportunity, a famine of possibility. Doctoral dissertations that employ performance or exhibition components are still being underserved by both the examination process and by the subsequent dissemination of the research. This paper explores these issues with respect to the presentation, representation and re‐presentation of such doctoral dissertations, how we can perform the text and text the performance, with an authority that remains authentically arts‐based.