Art is the answer: what are the questions?

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Cutcher, A, & West, D 2013, 'Art is the answer: what are the questions?', paper presented to the National Art Education Association (NAEA) National Convention, Fort Worth, Texas, 7-10 March.


Advocating for the important place of the visual arts in all sectors of education from early childhood to the University context is a particular global challenge.

Art educators are privy to the value and benefits of a robust art education on a daily basis, and indeed the tide of research in the field provides us with overwhelming evidence regarding the benefits to learning, the brain, and a wide range of sociocultural advantages. Further, the visual arts, when taught well, meet the ever expanding needs of learners in this 21st century epoch.

Why then, does art still linger at the margins of the curriculum in the United States and in Australia, rather than at its centre? And what can art educators do to change this position?

This performance will be arts based and endeavours to provoke, stimulate, challenge and confront ways in which art educators can advocate for art education.