[In]accessibilities: presentations, representations and re-presentations in arts-based research

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Cutcher, A 2013, '[In]accessibilities: presentations, representations and re-presentations in arts-based research', Creative Approaches to Research, vol 6, no. 2, pp. 33-44.

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There lingers a crisis of representation with respect to arts-based doctoral research. Despite the progress made by researchers and the suitability of the digital environment for the reception of arts-based research, authentic portrayal continues to be an issue that troubles the possibilities for dissemination. As such, the artistic freedoms of the research and its expressions are compromised, and so too are the integrity and authenticity of the research. Performance or exhibition grounded doctoral dissertations continue to be underserved in the examination process as well as the mandated subsequent research dissemination in text-based documents. This paper examines issues of presentation, representation and re-presentation of creative and practice based doctoral dissertations, and specifically explores ways in which artists can perform the text and text the performance so that the work remains authentically arts-based.

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