Second life, first experiences: using virtual worlds in teacher education

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Wilks, JL & Jacka, L 2013, 'Second life, first experiences: using virtual worlds in teacher education', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 165-182.

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Innovating in a higher education teaching context is never a straightforward matter. There are many factors influencing how, what, and when we teach, and the students’ experiences of these things. This is especially so in the context of pre-service teacher education, forever evolving in response to rapidly changing technological, political and socio-cultural landscapes. In this paper we relate and reflect on the innovation of utilising the 3D immersive virtual world of Second Life in two secondary education units of study. We discuss and interrogate our own and our students’ experiences when we used Second Life to teach in during the first unit, and to teach about in the second.

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