Geometrical transformations in new mathematics curriculum: the case of reflection

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Conference publication

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Markopoulos, C & Alexopoulou, E 2012, 'Geometrical transformations in new mathematics curriculum: the case of reflection', in E Koleza, A Garmpis & C Markopoulos (eds), Conference on Innovative practices in education: design and networking, Patras, Greece, 20-21 October, University of Patras, Patras, Greece, pp. 73-90.


The goal of this study was to observe and analyze the use and understanding of line symmetry in a 4th grade class. The study concentrated on the concepts of line symmetry and more specifically in the instructional methods using hands-on manipulative to assist students to actively participate and construct their understanding of the concept of line symmetry. Through the use of manipulatives the students’ understanding has significantly grown as they are communicating, reasoning, and actively participating in the construction of their learning. Even as the manipulatives are meaningful and helpful in the understanding of the concepts about the line of symmetry, there exist are some difficulties that hinder the learning for all students.