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Graham, A & Phelps, R 2003, 'Report on a survey of professional development approaches and needs of teachers in the Lismore Diocese', Catholic Education Office, Lismore Diocese, Lismore, NSW.


The Catholic Education Office, through Dr Berenice Kerr, approached the School of Education in June 2002 to undertake professional development in ICT with a group of 40 teachers from secondary schools in the Diocese. The research associated with this professional development initiative is the subject of a separate report recently submitted to the Director of Schools. In preparing to undertake the ICT initiative, broader discussions took place concerning the approaches to professional development preferred by teachers in the Diocese. It appeared there was little data available on teachers’ views of professional development, the types of activities they have been involved in, the perceived areas of need, nor the approaches to learning deemed to be most effective for improving practice (knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes). Such data was considered mutually beneficial for both the CEO and the School of Education in determining strategic directions for the delivery of quality professional development to teachers and administrators. It was subsequently decided to survey all primary and secondary teachers across the Diocese to elicit their views on professional development.

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