Well teachers, well students

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McCallum, F & Price, D 2010, 'Well teachers, well students', Journal of Student Wellbeing, vol. 4, no. 1, pp.

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Promoting self-awareness of wellbeing in beginning teachers will contribute to their longevity and productivity. As the profession ages we are faced with the fact that many teachers are retiring, creating some shortages; increased numbers are leaving the profession prematurely; fewer applicants are entering teacher training; and some argue that the current workforce of teachers cannot relate to current students life worlds. For beginning teachers, this raises issues related to their wellbeing and ability to transition and cope, and also justifiably provides challenges and opportunities for school reform, leadership and curriculum renewal. Additionally, teachers must be able to connectwith children and young people if they are to make a difference in their learning, health and wellbeing. In this paper we argue that the retention of teachers is dependent on having a wellbeing strategy in place that clearly identifies inhibiting and enabling strategies. Beginning teachers need to be able to identify such strategies to remain well for themselves and the future of our children and young people.

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