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Huddy, A, Newell, S & Graham, A 2006, Parent Support Project: evaluation report, prepared for Northern Rivers Division of General Practice, Lismore, NSW.


What is the Parent Support Project? The Parent Support Project (PSP) was a pilot project developed by the Northern Rivers Division of General Practice (NRDGP), with funding from the Early Childhood – Invest to Grow arm of the Australian Government’s Stronger Families and Communities Strategy. This 12-month project involved expanding the parenting support services delivered through the NRDGP’s Family Care Centre, in Lismore. Planned activities included: compiling a directory of locally-available resources and services to support early child development; developing a PSP web page for inclusion on the NRDGP website; producing age-specific parenting newsletters; developing and running training sessions for GPs to help them with providing parenting support – through parenting classes or within routine consultations; and developing and running parenting classes for parents with infants. Interested parents in Lismore and Alstonville were invited to enrol into the PSP through a variety of channels.