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Adams, J, Pettit, J & Newell S 2004, Tooty Fruity Vegie Project: final report to National Child Nutrition Program on phase 2 (2002-2003), prepared for National Child Nutrition Program, Canberra, ACT.


The Tooty Fruity Vegie project was a two-year, multi-strategic health promotion program aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among primary school children in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The project promoted a whole-of-school approach to implementing a range of evidence-based school and community strategies promoting fruits and vegetables in thirteen intervention schools. The implementation by a broad range of Health Service staff in partnership with the Department of Education and Training, industry, local government and the community and financed by the National Child Nutrition Project has allowed funding to extend a long way. The program has been extensively evaluated and is successful in achieving its outcomes and is enjoyable to teachers, children and parents. The Tooty Fruity Vegie team have trained health professionals from across Australia to implement the program in their regions and all resources are available to the public via a free website.