Findings, windings and entwinings: cartographies of collaborative walking and encounter

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Cutcher, A, Roussell, D & Cutter-Mackenzie, A 2015, 'Findings, windings and entwinings: cartographies of collaborative walking and encounter', International Journal of Education through Art, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 449-458.

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In the continuing ‘Not Ourselves’ practice-based project, we are attempting to unravel the harmonics of the collaborative voice in educational research, in which the singular voice of the ‘author’ also gives voice to multiple others. We approached this project as an enquiry into the process of ‘collaboration in the making’ and as an emergent practice. Each of the authors of the article has a different professional background: one an environmental educator; another an arts educator; and the third a contemporary artist. We explored walking together|apart to yield outcomes that were not tied to traditional notions of collaboration. The maps we created as we walked speak to collaborations that are rutted, insecure and ambiguous through irregular cooperations. This visual essay is structured into three sections where we collectively and individually explore concepts we refer to as ‘findings, windings and entwinings

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