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Miller, M, Newell, S, Huddy, A, Adams, J, Holden, L & Dietrich, UC 2001, Tooty Fruity Vegie Project: process and impact evaluation report, Health Promotion Unit, Northern Rivers Area Health Service, Lismore, NSW. ISBN: 0734733267


Aims This report describes the results and implications of a comprehensive process and impact evaluation of the Tooty Fruity Vegie (TFV) project, a two year, multi-strategic health promotion program aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among primary school children in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. The project aimed to achieve this increase by improving: · Children’s fruit and vegetable knowledge, attitudes, access and preparation skills. · Parents’ fruit and vegetable knowledge and preparation skills and their involvement in fruit and vegetable promoting activities in the schools and elsewhere. · Teachers’ attitudes towards teaching about fruits and vegetables in schools and their skills and confidence in relation to teaching about fruits and vegetables.

Newell_2001_TFV Process Evaluation Report - Exec Summ.pdf (58 kB)
Tooty Fruity Vegie Project: process and impact evaluation report - executive summary