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Newell, S, Lloyd, D, Dunn, T & Dietrich, UC 2003, Northern Rivers Equity Profile (Phase 1), prepared for Health Equity Working Group, Northern Rivers Area Health Service, Lismore, NSW.


The Northern Rivers Equity Profile consists of five sections: • Section 1 – How to Use the Northern Rivers Equity Profile: Explains how to find your way around the Profile, how to interpret the information presented throughout and issues to consider while reading the Profile. • Section 2 – Profile Overview: Overviews the reasons for, and methods of, development of the Northern Rivers Equity Profile and the Northern Rivers Health Equity Working Group’s Determinants of Health Model, provides background information and summary results for all indicators included in Phase 1, as well as listing the additional indicators already prioritised for inclusion, or for exploration, in future phases. • Section 3 – Indicator Data Sources and In-text Table / Figure References: Provides a tabular summary of every indicator included in Phase 1, detailing the exact measure used, the data source from which it was obtained and the Tables and/or Figures in the Profile which include data for it. • Section 4 – Indicator Data: Provides an analysis of health outcomes and determinants data included in Phase 1 and lists additional indicators to be included, or explored, in future phases. Comparisons are made between the Northern Rivers Area and the rest of NSW (overall and rural) and between local government areas within the Northern Rivers Area. Where feasible and appropriate, comparisons within the Northern Rivers Area are also made in relation to gender, age, Aboriginality and socioeconomic status. • Section 5 – Appendices: Includes sections providing information about the people who helped develop the Profile; the references cited throughout the Profile; the technical, and other specialist, terms used throughout the Profile; the data sets from which the data presented were obtained; the methods used to analyse the data; and about data and presentation issues to be considered further in Phase 2 of the Northern Rivers Equity Profile.