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Phelps, R 2002, 'A constructivist approach to professional development in ICT leadership: creating a learning community', paper presented to Linking learners: Australian Computers in Education Conference (ACEC 2002), Hobart, Tas.


Management of ICT has emerged as a critical issue for schools and one which is impacting significantly on the work of principals and other senior staff. Theory, knowledge, information and even ideas relating specifically to ICT management in school contexts is not yet readily available. Much of the most valuable knowledge and information can be found in the day-to-day experiences and theorising of practitioners. This paper describes the constructivist approach being taken to ICT management through a particular unit in a postgraduate level professional development course at Southern Cross University. It is argued that engaging educational leaders in constructivist learning enables them to reach greater understandings of the potential of technology in challenging traditional pedagogy. The structure of the online Unit wraps around eight management themes: policy development, physical resources, financial resources, curriculum leadership, staff development, school administration, leadership in change and future visioning. The way in which constructivism has shaped the Unit design, structure, interaction and assessment are explored, informed by the interactions of a particular cohort of students in the Unit.

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