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Newell, S, Sanson-Fisher, RW, Boyle, K, Dobson, A & Marsault, A 1993, NSW Health Promotion Survey pilot study: full report, prepared for NSW Health Department, Sydney, NSW.


The aim of the NSW Health Promotion Survey is to assess and monitor the prevalence of key health behaviours and related risk factors, both personal and environmental, in a random sample of 16,000 NSW residents aged 18 years and over, geographically stratified by NSW Health Area and Region. In addition, the Survey aims to assess the level of support among NSW residents for key health promotion initiatives, such as reductions in passive smoking and the prevention of injuries. The Survey has been developed by the NSW Health Department in conjunction with the Hunter Centre for Health Advancement. It is intended that the NSW Health Promotion Survey be repeated every three years. This will allow the monitoring of health promotion efforts over time.