Mentoring beginning teachers and goal setting

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Hudson, P & Hudson, S 2016, 'Mentoring beginning teachers and goal setting', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 41, no. 10, pp. 48-62.

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Australia has delineated a new direction for teacher education by embedding mentoring programs for teachers who support early-careers teachers as a system approach. This case study investigated how mentors after involvement in a mentoring professional learning program focused on goal setting with beginning teachers in their schools. Data were analysed from six mentors’ interviews using semi-structured questions and archival documents associated with the mentoring program. Findings revealed that negotiated goal setting facilitates potentially successful teaching practices that align to career stage standards. Other findings associated with goal setting are reported around: (1) mentor-mentee relationships, (2) roles, skills and responsibilities, (3) specific goal setting, and (4) the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Further research (qualitative paired mentor-mentee partnerships and large quantitative studies) will provide insights on effective uses of goal setting that align with standardised frameworks and connect with effective teaching practices.

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