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Hudson, PB 2005, 'Analysing preservice teachers' rubrics for assessing students’ learning in primary science education', 2005 Curriculum Conference: Blurring the Boundaries, Sharpening the Focus, University of the Sunshine Coast, Qld., 21-23 September, Australian Curriculum Studies Association Inc.

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Assessment needs to be linked to syllabus outcomes in order for teaching and learning to be purposeful and systematic. Second-year preservice teachers (n=255) were involved in a primary science education program with a focus on devising a science unit of work with assessment tasks and associated rubrics. These assessment rubrics considered scales for differentiating student achievement of outcomes but also focused on scientific concepts and social interaction appropriate to the grade level. Although perceptions of adequate assessment techniques varied, most constructed rubrics with links to syllabus outcomes. This paper aims to discuss issues behind designing assessment rubrics.

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