Approaches to embedding sustainability in teacher education: a synthesis of the literature

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Evans, N, Stevenson, RB, Lasen, M, Ferreira, J & Davis, J 2017, 'Approaches to embedding sustainability in teacher education: a synthesis of the literature', Teaching and Teacher Education, vol. 63, pp. 405-417.

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This study investigated how teacher education academics embed sustainability education in learning and teaching, using a systematic literature review of peer-reviewed journal articles. A taxonomy of four distinctive approaches was developed: (1) embedding sustainability education widely across curriculum areas, courses, and institution; (2) through a dedicated core/compulsory subject; (3) through a component of a core/compulsory subject; and (4) through a dedicated elective subject. This paper investigates the differing rationales, theoretical frames and pedagogical approaches used and identifies the perceived challenges underpinning each of these approaches. The final section offers an analysis and discussion of the implications of our review findings for teacher education academics and researchers, and others in the broader academic community who are interested in change towards sustainability through education.

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