Walkings-through paint: A c/a/r/tography of slow scholarship

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Lasczik Cutcher, A & Irwin, RL 2017, 'Walkings-through paint: A c/a/r/tography of slow scholarship', Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

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This visual essay portrays a walkings-through of experience, journeys, and engagements positioned as a c/a/r/tography. The assemblage of this c/a/r/tography draws upon Deleuzoguattarian notions of affect and the carte, the methodology of a/r/tography, and contemporary art and research ambulatory practices. The walkings-through are staged in the event of painting, which itself draws upon notions of movement, journey, and affect. Positioning this work is a project entitled the “Peripatetic Inquiry,” which seeks to document collaborative walking individually and collectively in observation of the practices of writing, artmaking, reading, documenting, and thinking in movement, both in place and displaced, through the events and vagaries of the temporal. The wanderings of this inquiry are entwined in both the embodiments of walking as well as the expressions of engagement as a moving-through, a performance, a creative and participatory event, and documenting of walk. Moving gently, meditatively, and thoughtfully in the spirit of slow scholarship and the subsequent spaces for wonder, we engage with and through a restorative encounter with place, displacements, and roaming.

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