Childhoodnature and the Anthropocene: an epoch of "cenes"

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Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, A, Malone, K & Whitehouse, H in press, 'Childhoodnature and the Anthropocene: an epoch of "cenes"', in A Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, K Malone & E Barratt Hacking (eds), Research Handbook on Childhodnature.

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Section Four troubles childhoodnature and the Anthropocene, a scientific and popular term used to described the present human-nature conditions on planet Earth. This section does this through eight contributions which broadly speak to four “cenes,” namely: children in the Anthropocene – child-cene; woman in the Anthropocene – gyno-cene; cities as sites of the Anthropocene, city-cene; and relations with the more than human – kin-cene. The lines though between/within/through these identified cenes are porous and enmeshed as the nonliving, the human, and nonhuman transition between two epochs – the Anthropocene and the Postanthropocene.