Mini-musicals for maximum impact

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Conference publication

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Bussa, L, Chaseling, MJ & Smith, RJ 2007, 'Mini-musicals for maximum impact', in P De Vries & J Southcott (eds), Proceedings of Music Education Research: Values and Initiatives : Australian Society for Music Education (AARME) XVI National Conference, Perth, WA, 2-4 July, Australian and New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education, Melbourne, Vic., pp. 20-27. ISBN: 978098031631.

Marilyn J Chaseling has also published under the name of Marilyn Ryan


Primary teacher education students, who chose to enroll in a Primary music education elective, were required to work in groups to create and perform a mini-musical. They were also required to reflect on their experiences by way of personal writings. This paper examines these student reflections. The students expressed much newfound confidence in their future teaching of creative arts. Furthermore, it was found that such performances had benefits in developing group process strategies in ways not matched elsewhere in the students' teacher education program. The findings are an endorsement of the value of creative arts performance in teacher education programs.