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Skamp, KR, Boyes, E & Stanisstreet, M 2009, 'Global warming responses at the primary secondary interface: 2 Potential effectiveness of education', Australian Journal of Environmental Education, vol. 25, pp. 31-44.

Published version reproduced in ePublications@scu with the kind permission of the publisher.

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In an earlier paper (Skamp, Boyes, & Stanisstreet, 2009b), students’ beliefs and willingness to act in relation to 16 specific actions related to global warming were compared across the primary secondary interface. More primary students believed in the effectiveness of most actions to reduce global warming and were willing to take those actions. In general there was a disparity between students’ beliefs and their actions and explanations were proffered for these differences. Using these data, a derived measure of the potential effectiveness of education in encouraging each of these proenvironmental actions to reduce global warming is reported. This measure, and other derived indices, suggests where education could be most effective in encouraging willingness to take pro-environmental actions to reduce global warming.

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