A multi-dimensional assessment of soccer coaching course effectiveness

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Hammond, J & Perry, J 2005, 'A multi-dimensional assessment of soccer coaching course effectiveness', Ergonomics, vol. 48, no. 11-14, pp. 1698-1710.

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The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the aims of course providers and events during the delivery of two soccer coaching accreditation courses. A secondary purpose was to evaluate performance-analysis methods for assessing the course instructor's performance. A case analysis approach was developed to evaluate the courses and the data-gathering process. This research approach was chosen to amalgamate the sources of evidence, providing a multi-dimensional view of course delivery. Data collection methods included simple hand notation and computer logging of events, together with video analysis. The hand notation and video analysis were employed for the first course with the hand notation being replaced with computer event logging for the second course. Questionnaires, focusing on course quality, were administered to participants. Interviews and document analysis provided the researchers with the instructors' main aims and priorities for course delivery. Results of the video analysis suggest a difference between these aims and the events of the courses. Analysis of the questionnaires indicated favourable perceptions of course content and delivery. This evidence is discussed in relation to intent and practice in coach education and the efficiency of employing performance-analysis techniques in logging instructional events.

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