Art for the sake of teaching: visual reflective practice

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Cutcher, A 2010, 'Art for the sake of teaching: visual reflective practice', paper presented to Making a difference: Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) annual conference, Melbourne, Vic., 28 November - 2 December.


Making a measurable and constructive difference in the lives of our students is the core business of teaching. However, the only formal training or structured programs that many mid-career teachers in NSW have ever had to undertake to date, has been their pre-service education. In fact, many do not, or have ever actively reflected upon their own pedagogy in any structured or self-consciousness way, in order to undertake a program of improvement.

This article explores the notion of using images, visual techniques and the visual diary to reflect on pedagogical development in more engaging and useful ways. Underpinning this discussion will be notions of reflective practice, visual learning strategies and utilising the arts as research instrument, method and process.