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Post-print of Logan, MR & Skamp, KR 2008, 'Engaging students in science across the primary secondary interface: listening to the students’ voices', Research in Science Education, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 501-527.

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Most studies indicate primary students’ attitudes towards and interest in science decline as they progress into the secondary years. Longitudinal qualitative research exploring this phenomenon is rare as is research which focuses on the students’ voice as they cross the interface. In this study multiple qualitative data sources, supported by a ‘science interest’ composite scale, followed 20 students over 2 years. In contrast to baseline data on their peers these students, in general, maintained their interest in science. Apart from identifying the teacher’s pedagogical approach and classroom environment as two key issues in understanding these students’ journeys, the importance of listening to and heeding the students’ voice may be an even more critical concern in addressing the decline in students’ attitudes and interest in science.

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