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Lloyd, D, Hughes, D, Austen-Baker, K, Newell, S & Dietrich, UC 2007, Box Ridge Transition to School Program 1999-2003: evaluation report, prepared for Health Promotion Unit, North Coast Area Health Service, Lismore, NSW. ISBN: 9781741871821


This report consists of two sections. Section 1 provides an overview of the Box Ridge Transition to School Program. Section 2 highlights the results of interviews conducted with: � parents/carers whose children attended the program between 1999 and 2003, and � staff of both the Box Ridge Transition to School Program and Coraki Primary School. The Box Ridge Transition to School Program (BRTTSP), were identified as needing a more structured, multidisciplinary and intensive program pre-Kindergarten. Consequently, the BRTTSP was developed to support children and their families, in the year prior to the commencement of school, to transition from a home and preschool setting to a formal school Kindergarten setting. The program provides a holistic, flexible early learning program with an early intervention focus, building on the strengths of children and their immediate environment.