Blinded by technology

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Wilks, J 2008, ‘Blinded by technology’, Independent Education, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 10-12.


Technology - how should teachers be using it? When should they be using it? Where should they be using it? What are the educational outcomes of using it in certain situations? Teachers are using technology with ever-increasing application, but there are some pressing questions that should collectively be asked. The article discusses the pace at which technology is entering the teaching profession in the absence of any real debate about the profound educational issues this raises. Teachers must redirect their focus on technology away from 'process' and justify their utilisation of ICT in a manner that makes sound educational sense, enhances effective learning and produces meaningful learning outcomes. It is also imperative that teachers develop learning strategies utilising ICT to assist students in navigating the 'knowledge explosion' brought about by the internet, and that technology is used constructively to challenge students to critical and creative thinking and inquiry. Reflection is needed on the reasons why teachers have not been busy measuring and evaluating whether the purported 'great' learning outcomes of technology are in reality being brought about. If for no other reason, teachers need to be active on these fronts because technology is reformulating pedagogy and remodelling teaching roles at a cracking pace.

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